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New coming of age Vampire adventure in development

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

I am thrilled to share that I am collaborating with producer Corry Raymond and composer Aviram Spies in bringing a fantastical world of monster hunters to the screen. The Fearless Billy Jenkins charts to the adventures of a young teenage outcast in a world terrorized by Vampires.

The Fearless Billy Jenkins is a Vampire Hunting Legend in the making, drawing inspiration from Hammer Horror, Universal Monsters and family stories like The Little Vampire, Jumanji, The Son of Rambo and I Kill Giants.

There isn't a huge amount more that I can reveal at this stage, other than it being a genuine passion project about chasing our dreams and facing our fears, as well as the first chapter in a grander narrative. Bill is a Vampire slayer I created at film school back in 2014. I am so eager to chart his journey from his fearful childhood in this film, to his adult adventures in a bigger story I'm developing at the moment.

Concept art of our young vampire slayer
Concept art announcing my new film

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