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Take a look at my CV for a description of my professional experience as well as projects made during my education. Below you will find several projects that I have worked on in the past, as well as contact information if you would like to collaborate together on a project. If there’s anything you’d like to know more about, feel free to contact me.


December 2020 - Present


My responsibilities as a freelance script consultant include: writing detailed script coverage reports to recommend or pass on feature length screenplays from my paying clients. I try to identify what the script's weaknesses while finding empowering solutions to help put my clients on the right track.

August 2019 - February 2021


A ten minute noir/survival thriller with Ken Christiansen (It's a Sin, Hollyoaks and The Selfish Giant). It has taken a while as a result of the pandemic. I developed the script with writer Jonathan Sieff and efficiently led pre-production and production. I wanted a kinetic, relentless escape movie reliant on visual storytelling. The majority of the film was meticulously storyboarded and shotlisted, with 75 shots achieved in the first day of shooting. I worked closely with our actors before shooting to work out who their characters were and what their goals and intentions were to fully immerse them in their characters before a very intense few days of production. I worked closely with the actors to stage a visual and very goofy fight sequence in a challengingly confined location. I am currently collaborating with our producer Daniel Taylor on a crowdfunding campaign to guarantee the completion of the official soundtrack and the film's eventual distribution to film festivals and the marketplace.

December 2017 - January 2020


A two and a half minute micro-film collaboration with Anna Dushenkina. I led the script's development with Writer and Cinematographer Anna Dushenkina, working with her and Lisa P to design a creepy and very furry monster. Other responsibilities included collaborating with a new actor, Mike Stewie to achieve an authentically a creepy and feral performance while leading the crew in achieving all the coverage I planned with a detailed floorplan and shotlist within a tight three hour window, and collaborated with Anna and our composer May McDonough to achieve a mysterious and creepy audio-visual style.

June 2014 - December 2015 as 'Slayer Brothers' and Directors cut August 2020


Originally conceived as a short, now being retooled as a directors cut .
My responsibilities included casting, finding the film's tone, overseeing the production design, discovering who the characters really were in collaboration with the talent in auditions, overseeing the safe delivery of our action scenes in collaboration with a fight coordinator and of course leading the production on set and later in post-production.

September 2017 - Present


Now in post-production. An explosive and retro SciFi adventure with monster puppets! I fully storyboarded this film and oversaw the design of the monster and the mysterious graveyard planet that it inhabits. Other responsibilities included directing our cast and crew and latterly overseeing post production. We are now developing a crowdfunding campaign to fund the film's visual effects and original score.

August 2018


A fun Ed Wood inspired UFO short referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I oversaw the design of the UFO and worked with our actor to achieve a contemporary yet goofy character. Everything was fully storyboarded and shotlisted as a single chase sequence involving a very cheesy UFO and our single protagonist.

November 2009 - January 2011


I served as director on this episode of a student webseries.
Everything was fully shotlisted by me with detailed green light meetings undertaken to find the tone and creative style. I efficiently led production by collaborating with our actors and crew with the help of a detail oriented First Assistant Director. I relied heavily on dolly shots to add a freneticism to a fast paced and highly visual episode in which our hero investigates the source of a stalker's texts being sent to her phone. I worked with the editor to find the rhythm and mood while telling the story as visually as possible

March 2013 - June 2013


A tense and soulful drama about a homeless musician in London seeking shelter at his daughter's apartment in Paris. Robbed of his train fare by local thugs, he goes on a daring pursuit to steal back what he spent weeks busking for in secrecy.

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